Indices are a great reflection of stock market volatility

An index calculates the value of a group of stocks. There are hundreds of indices in the world, each confined to a region and typically segmented into industries. For example, we would normally think of the Dow Jones as industrial, Nasdaq as tech and FTSE as British.

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Choose your sector and trade on the relevant Finq index

If you understand a certain sector in a specific country, then you can track the relevant index and trade on price movement. If you study tech companies then Nasdaq will suit you, but if you are interested in leading US companies, then S&P 500 is your index. Use your knowledge along with the Traders Trends Bar and over 90 WebTrader edit tools to evaluate your indices trades.

Finq indices cover 28 of the most prominent economic regions including Europe, India, China, US and South Africa. Competitive trading conditions offer leverage up to 1:200 and spreads as low as 0.10 USD.

CAC 40
S&P 500
Nikkei 225

Select your favourite Indices and start trading with $25 free *

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InstrumentSpreads (as low as)Leverage (up to)Trading hours
Amsterdam250.19 (EUR)1:151Tuesday 07:01-20:59
Australia2003.00 (AUD)1:200Tuesday 22:52-05:30, 06:15-20:00, 22:52-05:30
China5020.00 (USD)1:20-
DollarIndex0.05 (USD)1:200Tuesday 01:05-21:55
Europe502.00 (EUR)1:200Tuesday 07:01-20:59
France401.25 (EUR)1:200Tuesday 07:01-20:59
Germany302.00 (EUR)1:200Tuesday 07:01-20:59
Greece2015.00 (EUR)1:10Tuesday 08:20-15:20
HongKong4510.00 (HKD)1:100Tuesday 01:16-04:00, 05:02-08:30, 09:16-15:45
India509.50 (USD)1:50Tuesday 01:05-10:00
Italy4015.00 (EUR)1:151Tuesday 08:01-16:40
JAPAN22510.00 (JPY)1:151Tuesday 23:01-21:14, 23:01-21:14
Moscow501.00 (RUB)1:5Tuesday 07:05-10:59, 11:04-15:44
MSCITaiwan0.20 (USD)1:50-
Norway252.00 (NOK)1:100Tuesday 08:01-15:15
Poland203.00 (PLN)1:100Tuesday 07:51-15:49
SAfrica4046.00 (ZAR)1:50Tuesday 06:35-15:25
Spain357.00 (EUR)1:100Tuesday 08:05-18:55
SWEDEN300.70 (SEK)1:151Tuesday 08:05-16:25
Swiss205.00 (CHF)1:151Tuesday 07:05-20:55
TECH1001.50 (USD)1:200Tuesday 23:01-21:10, 23:01-21:10
UK1001.40 (GBP)1:200Tuesday 08:01-20:59
USA20000.40 (USD)1:200Tuesday 01:05-22:55
USA306.00 (USD)1:200Tuesday 23:01-21:10, 23:01-21:10
USA5000.70 (USD)1:200Tuesday 23:01-21:10, 23:01-21:10
VIXX0.10 (USD)1:5Tuesday 14:31-21:10

* Leverage is estimated and depends on the real-time value of the instrument.