Volatile modern economies bring major movement to the bonds market

Bonds are bought and sold every day by investors, with the value totally dependent on the ability of the original issuing government to repay. If the economy does well, demand increases and the price should rise. With modern economies shifting so often, fluctuations are frequent and Bonds have become a popular asset choice

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Keep eyes on economic growth figures if you want to trade Bond CFDs

You can trade on the Bond market on WebTrader and MT4 platforms 24 hours, 5 days a week. We selected 5 of the most well-known sterling, yen, euro & dollar bonds, all available as CFDs.

Now it’s time to watch the fundamental data closely as this is the true motivator of Bond prices. The better the economy does, the more chance the country has to repay, demand goes up as does the price.

You can use Finq news and economic calendar to watch economies and employ spreads as low as 0.06 USD with leverage up to 1:100.

US TNote 10Y
US TBond 30Y
GER 10Y Bond
Gilt 10Y Bond
JPN 10Y Bond

Select your favourite Bonds and start trading with $25 free *

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InstrumentSpreads (as low as)Leverage (up to)Trading hours
GER10YBond0.07 (EUR)1:100Tuesday 07:00-21:00
Gilt10Y0.06 (GBP)1:100Tuesday 08:10-18:00
TBOND300.08 (USD)1:100Tuesday 23:01-21:59, 23:01-21:59
TNOTE100.06 (USD)1:100Tuesday 23:01-21:59, 23:01-21:59

* During daily breaks and in major news, spreads might widen