The Visual Art of Trading With TradingView Charts at FINQ

Get a wider view on the markets with TradingView’s in depth charting, directly on the FINQ platform. Use real-time quotes, stock charts and multiple instrument on-chart comparisons.


Why TradingView?

TradingView charts are used by many professional and retail traders because of their high definition clarity and their absolute usability. Choose from a variety of timeframes and take a look at an assets key statistics to understand the bigger picture. The more data a trader has access to, the clearer his market vision.

Open Your Eyes to the Market Moves

The more you know about an asset’s historical price moves, and the more information you can gather on trends, the more credible your trade decisions can be. Choose from a selection of over 90 indicators to identify trends, spot upcoming price reversals and generate & confirm signals.

Make Better Trade Decisions

Other Features

Choose from a variety of drawing tools, chart types and save your work for the future.